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The Thomas Edison Charter Academy Parent Teacher Association works hand-in-hand with the school’s administration to organize and fund events and programs to enrich educational opportunities and improve community.


PTA funds are used to augment art, music, science, literacy, math, and emotional support -- that reinforce and augment the core curriculum. Successful PTA projects have included the creation of our TECA library, garden, and soccer field.

TECA parents can see and join this year’s committees and event planning teams by heading over to our "GET INVOLVED" page.


Alternatively, contact our volunteer coordinators or leave a note in the PTA president's mailbox if you are interested in volunteering.

If you would like to make a financial contribution to TECA to help us fund our wonderful events and programs, head here, where you can donate once, or on a recurring basis using PayPal or the credit card of your choice.


The PTA's purpose is to support the education of children at TECA by fostering relationships among the school, parents, and teachers and fundraising to provide enrichment activities for all students.


The PTA is an all-volunteer association, and we are always seeking assistance from parents and caregivers.


Whether you can help just once or on a regular basis, we welcome your involvement! Sign up to receive more information about the PTA, or leave a note in the PTA president’s mailbox.


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If you would like to volunteer your words to help write what should be entered into this space, why not reach out?

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